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How To Quickly Make Shareable Startup Memes, Even If You Don’t Have Photoshop

Startup memes are among the most powerful tools entrepreneurs use to share practical wisdom. Startup memes are sticky, go viral easily, and have the potential establish thought leadership for the creators. “Nine women can’t make a baby in a month,” is my favorite adage about the virtues of patience. Startup Vitamins, Addicted2Success and others have grown profitable businesses by [...]

Business Start Up Tips: Secrets to Going Viral!

Business Start Up Tips: Secrets to Going Viral! Getting Listed, Ranked & Found Learn from Self Empowerment Coach, Tene Williams as she gives you her most valuable consultation for FREE in a new live workshop series called Business Start Up Tips. Many have paid THOUSANDS for the valuable unabridged information she will share! We’ll discuss what making it legal actually [...]

Soylent And The Case For Cause Marketing

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Soylent founder Rob Rinehart wants to end world hunger. In the process he’s served up a steaming plate of controversy, pitting foodies, nutritionists and poverty eradication advocates against one another. Intentionally or not, he’s hit on the perfect recipe for viral PR. Soylent is [...]