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Uber: Public Relations God Or Goat?

When disaster strikes, count on Uber to cash in. Last week’s East Coast snow storm had San Francisc0-based car-on-demand service Uber in the news for all the wrong reasons. The pile-on started when Uber unleashed it’s algorithmically-generated “surge pricing” on New Yorkers affected by the blizzard. As you can see in the screen shot above, [...]

PR Tips Podcast 006: Startup PR Tips And Tactics With Erica Swallow

 Erica Swallow is a startup public relations powerhouse. She’s a technology journalist and consultant helping startups master the finer points of business storytelling, between her travels, panel appearances and other adventures. Erica is a long-time contributor to Mashable, a contributor to Forbes and her writing has also appeared in Entrepreneur, CNN, Huffington Post and USA Today. Erica also [...]