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Three Reasons Hero Worship Is Toxic To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial hero worship is dangerous. Idolizing businessmen (and a few women) who’ve made it big is an unavoidable consequence of a culture that elevates succesful people¬†to supernatural heights. And yet we just as quickly glosses over–or ignore–failure. It’s all too human. From the Ramayana to the Dotcom Bubble, human history is littered with stories of [...]

The power of no

The Power Of No

In Greek mythology sirens were beautiful creatures whose enchanting songs lured sailors to their death when their ships wrecked on the rocky shore. Daily we’re seduced by ideas that sound great at first, but may leave us shipwrecked, unless we have the power to say no. Investor Marc Suster recently warned about the perils of [...]

Always Keep Them Guessing

Public relations masters like Steve Jobs had a lot of tools up their sleeve. Most were not high tech. The element of surprise is one of the most powerful, underrated and time-tested methods of grabbing and holding the attention of your audience. Tease us with clues and we’ll stand in line for hours to see [...]