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Chamath Palihapitiya On Wearable Tech And Building Something That Matters [Video]

Investor and startup visionary Chamath Palihapitiya recently sat down with Robert Scoble to discuss wearable technology, investment trends, and building companies that matter. Of particular interest was the section on wearable health technologies that can predict days when asthma sufferers are likely to suffer from asthma attacks, as well as key-chain wearable devices with the [...]

Look, I’m On Russian Startup TV! [VIDEO]

Hey, that’s me on Russian television! My deepest thanks go out to Katia and the team at Digit.Ru for choosing to feature me among such an accomplished group of entrepreneurs and startup investors. Even if you don’t understand Russian you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I was speaking about public relations for startups, [...]

The Journey Is The Reward

The road to success is long and perilous. Most of us won’t make it. Few entrepreneurs of any substance made it on their first attempt, their second, or even their third. My uncle once told me, “Nothing easy is ever worth a damn.” The harder we fight, the sweeter the reward. The harder we work, [...]

Choose Your Enemies Wisely

Creating controversy is the single faster way to get your startup on the map. While you should always strive to create lasting value, it’s a much longer road to recognition. Box.net CEO Aaron Levie is my favorite example of an entrepreneur who uses emnity to drive sales. Since it’s inception Box.net has had an intense [...]

Great Entrepreneurs Are Great Listeners

What do journalists and the most successful entrepreneurs have in common? They listen. Entrepreneurship is a special way of solving problems and entrepreneurship demands a special kind listening. Where others hear complaints, and entrepreneur sees a fountain of actionable data. If someone person has a problem, he or she is rarely alone. Sharing that problem [...]