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Musician Kutiman And The Era Of Massively-Viral Content

One of the world’s most remarkable modern musicians is someone whom you’ve almost certainly never heard of. And yet he’s hiding in plain sight on YouTube.   Israeli artist Kutiman burst onto the international music scene in early 2009 with a mashup album, Thru You, composed entirely of video snippets posted by other YouTubers. In [...]

Slow Down

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, SnapChat, Pinterest. 3D Printing, Big Data Analytics, Google Glass. Sound familiar? As entrepreneurs we’re constantly rushing from one hot fad to the next. No one seems to know why. Here’s why; Fear. Scarcity Mentality Fear drives startups. Fear drives angel investors and venture capitalists. FOMO. The fear of missing out. Entrepreneurs want [...]

The Journey Is The Reward

The road to success is long and perilous. Most of us won’t make it. Few entrepreneurs of any substance made it on their first attempt, their second, or even their third. My uncle once told me, “Nothing easy is ever worth a damn.” The harder we fight, the sweeter the reward. The harder we work, [...]