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Waze Shows Why The Future Of Startups Belongs To Los Angeles

I had my first Waze experience the other day leaving Los Angeles. It totally blew my mind. Waze is a crowd-sourced route planning and traffic information app that collects data from nearby users about congestion, travel times and road conditions in real-time. Known as “Wazers,” app users earn points for adding data to the app, such [...]

What Innovation Isn’t

My best friend’s nephew learned how to play piano by watching YouTube videos. He and his sister also mastered guitar this way. At 14-years-old, and with no formal instruction, he’s regularly publishing his own brand of electronic music to SoundCloud with. In their wildest dreams I’m sure Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page never suspected their purchase [...]

mobile phone penetration across africa

From Inspiration To Innovation: The SpellAfrica Story

SpellAfrica Initiative founder Elvis Austins says he was functionally illiterate at age 20. What education Austins received did not prepare him to achieve his full potential. In a country know better-known for Internet scams than International non-profits, Austins is a bootstrapped founder whose vision and tireless determination is challenging perceptions and, helping to unlock the [...]

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