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Startup Humor From Around The World

Startup life can be pretty brutal, so it’s good when we can laugh at the life we’ve chosen. Below are a few videos I found which don’t take entrepreneurship as seriously as we often take ourselves. Radimparency (U.S.A) This could be the mother of all startup humor videos–a full frontal assault on startup jargon and meaningless [...]

PR Tips Podcast 006: Startup PR Tips And Tactics With Erica Swallow

 Erica Swallow is a startup public relations powerhouse. She’s a technology journalist and consultant helping startups master the finer points of business storytelling, between her travels, panel appearances and other adventures. Erica is a long-time contributor to Mashable, a contributor to Forbes and her writing has also appeared in Entrepreneur, CNN, Huffington Post and USA Today. Erica also [...]

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