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Do you know the difference between advertising and content marketing

What Is The Difference Between Content Marketing And Advertising?

A startup recently approached me about being a guest blogger. It seemed like a great opportunity. To reach a new audience and flex my storytelling skills would be fun. I was very disappointed, however, when the company edited my work to be a blatant promotion of their product. #FAIL Guest blogging is a powerful form [...]

Startups lack of diversity hurts everyone

Global Startups Need A Stronger Voice

A recent Fast Company article by Neal Ungerleider left me speechless. Titled “Startup Culture’s Lack Of Diversity Stifles Innovation,”  Ungerleider says today’s buzziest startups are not innovators, and there is no excuse. [D]espite the fact that tens of millions of American Android and iPhone owners are struggling to make ends meet–and that there are even more who are senior [...]