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Three Reasons Hero Worship Is Toxic To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial hero worship is dangerous. Idolizing businessmen (and a few women) who’ve made it big is an unavoidable consequence of a culture that elevates succesful people¬†to supernatural heights. And yet we just as quickly glosses over–or ignore–failure. It’s all too human. From the Ramayana to the Dotcom Bubble, human history is littered with stories of [...]

Look, I’m On Russian Startup TV! [VIDEO]

Hey, that’s me on Russian television! My deepest thanks go out to Katia and the team at Digit.Ru for choosing to feature me among such an accomplished group of entrepreneurs and startup investors. Even if you don’t understand Russian you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I was speaking about public relations for startups, [...]

If You Can’t Be Sexy, Be Smart

If you can’t be good looking, be smart. If you can’t be smart, be tough. People are swooning over Elon Musk’s recently-revealed Hyperloop transportation system, but breakthroughs of this nature are few and far between. Rockstar, serial entrepreneurs like Elon may be a source of inspiration, but he’s truly one in a million. Many of [...]