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Why Entrepreneurs Change The World

Seen from space our beautiful planet seems timeless, fragile and immovable.¬†This leaves startups with a bit of a public relations problem. It seems everyone who becomes an entrepreneur wants to change the world. Some wouldn’t mind if they become billionaires in the process. Entrepreneurs are powerful change agents. The profit motive is the strongest incentive [...]

You Haven’t Really Made It Until Your Startup Is Big In Waxahachie, TX

Waxahachie, TX is a small, nondescript town between Dallas and Austin. The people who live there undoubtedly know it possesses its charms. Waxahachie is the birthplace of 90s R&B singer Tevin Campbell, and Tom Blasingame, the oldest cowboy in Texas history. If you’re like most techies, you would consider it “flyover country.” I can’t imagine [...]