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PR Tips Podcast 006: Startup PR Tips And Tactics With Erica Swallow

 Erica Swallow is a startup public relations powerhouse. She’s a technology journalist and consultant helping startups master the finer points of business storytelling, between her travels, panel appearances and other adventures. Erica is a long-time contributor to Mashable, a contributor to Forbes and her writing has also appeared in Entrepreneur, CNN, Huffington Post and USA Today. Erica also [...]

How Early Should You Begin The PR Process For Your Startup

When Is Too Early For Startups To Begin The PR Process?

Don’t make the mistake of launching your business without considering your startup public relations strategy. Despite what people say, It’s never too early to begin the startup public relations process. Even with just an idea, the sooner you engage in public relations, the sooner you’ll be able to verify if you’re on the right track. [...]

“Start With The Why”: Content Marketing For Startups and Small Businesses

Content marketing is your investment in a relationship with your customers. Content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords in public relations and small business marketing today, and for good reason; humans crave stories to make sense of the world. Smartphones, tablet computers and a proliferation of web-enabled devices give us more access than ever to the [...]

Content marketing is anything your startup chooses to share with the public

Everything You Do Is Content

If you’ve ever worried about when to start content marketing for your business, the barriers have never been lower. Yahoo showed the world the power of content marketing last week when it’s Q2 earnings call was presented as a live video, CEO Marisa Mayer uploaded behind-the-scenes photos to Tumblr, and the event was live-tweeted. The [...]

Small Business Public Relations

PR Tips Podcast 003: SlideShare For Startups With Kevin Fisher

SlideShare is a sleeping giant for startups and small businesses that want to turbocharge their public relations and content marketing efforts. Despite being one of the top 150 sites on the Internet– responsible for 3 billion pageviews and 60 million unique visits–SlideShare is one of the most underutilized and powerful content marketing tools that you’ve probably [...]