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Chipotle’s ‘Farmed And Dangerous’ Comedy Pushes The Boundaries of Content Marketing And Taste

Already a vocal critic of factory farming, Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has just unleashed the unexpected with announcement of a new scripted comedy series, “Farmed And Dangerous,” premiering on Hulu. In Farmed And Dangerous, agribusiness giant Animoil encounters a public relations nightmare when their genetically-modified cows start exploding, and video footage goes viral. Animoil cows eat [...]

Why Chipotle’s Scarecrow Mobile App Is The Future Of Business Communication

Restaurant chain Chipotle yesterday released one of the most subversive, creative and ground-breaking advertisements, The Scarecrow I’ve encountered. The dazzling short film tells the story of a disenchanted scarecrow who sadly bears witness to the mechanization of our food system. In a world not unlike our own, Crow Foods raises animals in factory-like conditions, and spits [...]