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Ironlak Shows How To Be Your Awesome Self With Content Marketing That Rocks

People hear the words “content marketing,” and claim we’re in a bubble. Oh no, my friend. The branded content wave is just getting started. Watch this amazing, inspiring and creative spot from spray paint manufacturer Ironlak. It’s a clever, authentic advertisement you have to share to believe. In all the video may have cost $20,000-$30,000 [...]

YAK Films X Sciame Is The Future Of Business Communication

When was the last time an advertisement made you smile? Can you remember the last time you willingly shared a company’s marketing? The latest collaborating between YAK Films and New York construction company Sciame is one such example. Released in time for the New York Architecture & Design Film Festival, the video brings together three of my [...]

Why Chipotle’s Scarecrow Mobile App Is The Future Of Business Communication

Restaurant chain Chipotle yesterday released one of the most subversive, creative and ground-breaking advertisements, The Scarecrow I’ve encountered. The dazzling short film tells the story of a disenchanted scarecrow who sadly bears witness to the mechanization of our food system. In a world not unlike our own, Crow Foods raises animals in factory-like conditions, and spits [...]