Where To Submit Your Startup To Get Free Publicity

How To Get Publicity For Your Startup

Get publicity for your startup and get more users with the following helpful tips and startup resources.

While advertising your startup can be costly, public relations is “earned” exposure to a target audience of potential customers. But if you’re new to the public relations process you may not know where to look.

We recently on the blog we talked about how to find journalists who write about startups. This post contains nearly 100 startup blogs, directories and communities to help you get early exposure and publicity for your startup. Included are startup blogs and resources for entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia, Europe, India and South America.

While some journalists cover startups at large media organizations this list will focus on publications exclusively dedicated to startups, new mobile apps, disruptive technologies.

How to find blogs that write about startups

To find hundreds of websites that accept unsolicited startup pitches do a Google search “Submit your startup.” Simple.

I’ve created this entry in case you don’t want to search through hundreds of entries.

This page is designed to make it fast and easy for you to make first contact with publications and communities dedicated to promoting early-stage startups, the newest mobile apps, and helpful web services.

What blogs write about startups?

Submit Your Startup To These Top Startup Blogs

The number of American media outlets reporting on startups continues to grow. Below is a list of the most reliable sources of news on new startup launches, startup funding news, and early-stage startup trends.

AllThingsD–Technology industry news, funding and acquisitions and Kara Swisher’s viral videos.

GigaOm–Cleantech industry news, publishing industry and media news with some startup coverage.

Mashable–Social media, startup and Internet culture news.

Nibletz–The voice of startups everywhere else, with emphasis on startups in the Midwest United States and other regions lacking mainstream coverage.

 TechCrunch–The gold standard for startup news, funding announcements, product launches and industry trends.

VentureBeat–Innovation news, startup funding and entrepreneurship coverage.

Wired–The elder statesmen of technology blogs. Coverage of disruptive innovation, gadgets, and hardware.

Right Startups–A blog dedicated to news and resources for early-stage web entrepreneurs and mobile app developers.

The Next Web–Europe-based and startup-focused with good coverage of entrepreneurs and innovators in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Right Startups–Startup reviews and news site with the ability to pitch your company. Right Startups also documents startup “deadpooling,” when companies fail.

 Startup Beat–Early-stage funding and investment news, as well as views and opinions from startup entrepreneurs across the world.

Quartz–This startup of Atlantic Media (parent company of The Atlantic) reports on disruptors and startups making big waves.

The startup blogs above are among the most coveted publications to startup entrepreneurs, which means their reporters are among the most bombarded journalists in the world. If you’re operating in a region outside the U.S., think about gaining traction with your local press before approaching major tech publications.

It can work in your favor to create a strong media footprint in the local press before trading up the chain.

Below is a list of top startup journals for major global startup regions.

African Undersea Cable Map and List of African Startup Blog Outlets

African Startup Blogs

Africa Startup Box–Ghana-focused startup journal journal founded by Kwame Kuadey with news from entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Afrilabs–The blog of the Afrilabs Network of partners, whose mission is to promote the growth of Africa’s technology sector.

Afrinnovator–News, opinions and analysis of startups and major technology trends across Africa, with special focus on Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and rising African startup hubs.

AllTopStartups–This gorgeous blog profiles startups and innovators of all types, with focus on the challenges and successes of early-stage web and mobile businesses.

BongoHive–Zambia’s tech entrepreneurship resource, recently featured by Mashable.

Capetown Activa–A news portal and resources destination for South African entrepreneurs and technologists.

Celebrating Progress Africa–Business, culture and technology news from one of Africa’s most respected startup outlets.

Human IPO–Mobile technology, Internet trends and innovation news covering startups across Africa.

iHub–Nairobi-based technology journal with focus on community, events and resources to benefit African entrepreneurs.

OTEKBITS–Multi-channel innovation blog covering Nigerian startups, African startups, technology jobs and technology industry news including mobile apps and web services.

Silicon Africa–High tech news, opinion and analysis of startups and innovation trends across Africa by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin.

TechLoy–Billing itself as West Africa’s most influential technology site, Techloy covers mobile technology, hardware, devices and startup news.

TechMoran–Startup spotlight, gadget news and coverage of African women in startups.

TechWorldAfrica–Innovation news, startup founder profiles and technology industry coverage.

Timbuktu Chronicles–Emeka Okafor’s personal blog dedicated to chronicling the future of African innovation, with unique insights and commentary.

VC4Africa–A robust portal for African startup founders, African technology investors, event organizers and the community at large.

Wamda–Covering North Africa and the Middle East, this startup blog reports in English and Arabic.

Submit Your Startup in Asia CC Chayo

Asian Startup Blogs

e27–Startup events, regional news for entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia, and mobile industry updates.

SG Entrepreneurs–Technology industry news and startup spotlight for entrepreneurs living in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia and throughout Southeast Asia.

Tech In Asia–Global technology news and events coverage, with a focus on Asia.

TechNode–Chinese social gaming, startup and web trends blog.

TechRice–News and analysis of startup trends and mobile apps new from China.

Young Upstarts–All about startups and and entrepreneurship in Asia.

These European blogs write about startups

European Startup Blogs

Arctic Startup–Celebrating Nordic startup entrepreneurs from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Scandinavia.

CEE Startups-Are you a startup launching from Central or Eastern Europe? This is the blog for your journey!

EU Startups–Shining a light on startup activity, innovation and investment opportunities across Europe.

Goal Europe–Russian and Eastern European startup news and technology industry updates.

How To Web–Romanian startup blog founded by Bogdan Iordache, empowering the Central European entrepreneur community.

The Rude Baguette–France’s startup blog covering fashion technology, mobile tech, digital media, travel tech, and enterprise technology.

Startup Business–Italian-focused startup blog covering early-stage companies and technology trends from all over Europe and beyond.

Start It–Startup news and events from Southeastern Europe.

Silicon Allee–German and European startup and investing news.

Venture Village–Based in Berlin, Venture Village chronicles European startups and global technology news and events.

H/T: Euro Startup Blogs

Where to submit your startup in India

Indian Startup Blogs

YourStory.in–Based in Bangalore, India’s technology capital, Your Story chronicles the rise and impact of startup entrepreneurs and changemakers across the subcontinent.

VC Circle–Deals and investment news, startup trends and technology insights from across India.

Media Nama–Comprehensive mobile Internet news, startup reports and digital media coverage.

Social Samosa–Resources for Indian startup entrepreneurs, including a startups job board and detailed news roundup.

Watblog–Short for Web And Technology blog, WAT covers the emergence of game-changing Indian startups, as well as global technology trends from an Indian perspective.

Next Big What–Dealflow, startup news and Internet goings-on.

Startup Heat–The latest online shopping, automobile tech, and startup news for Indian entrepreneurs.

 South American Startup Journals CC Ana Carmen

South American Startup Blogs


Startupi–The definitive voice for Brazil’s startup scene.

Startup Chile–The blog for Chile’s government-backed startup investing program, Startup Chile.

 Tropical Gringo–American expat investor and explorer Alan Colmenares shares his insights on the South American startup scene.

 Directories and early adopter sites to submit your startup

More websites to submit your startup

There are many online communities that promote early stage startups in addition to the media outlets and blogs that report on startups. Early adopter communities are places where people go to be the first person to learn about and download new web services and mobile apps. This is a fantastic opportunity to attract beta users and solicit early product feedback from hardcore techies.

AboutYourStartup–an up-and-coming app submission site

AppStorm–Web app reviews and roundups with an excellent apps directory

AppVita–All about cloud-based apps

BetaLi.st –early access to the latest and greatest new apps

Feed My App–Web and mobile app reviews

Go2Web20–A directory of web apps and services

Killer Startups–A blog and directory of startups and new apps

Launch.it–Get the scoop new gadgets, apps and hardware

Listio–browse thousands of new and undiscovered apps

Make Use Of–New app reviews, how-to’s and tips

MoMB (The Museum of Modern Betas)–The art of the early-stage startup launch

Scoutness–Invitations and reviews of apps and startups

Startup Book–Startup news and advice curated from top sources

Startupli.st–A gorgeous submission site to be spotted by the right early adopters, bloggers, investors and founders

Vator–startup news, reviews, conferences and community

Ziipa–A web and mobile app discovery platform

(Big thanks to the Quora community)

How to speed up the startup submission process

I’ve attempted to make the process as streamlined as possible, linking to the contact page or submission page of each blog listed.

There may be hundreds of startup submission sites, but there are only a few standard startup submission processes. Many publications and promotional sites for startups ask similar questions for new product submission.


  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Founder’s name(s)
  • Date of startup foundation
  • Team size
  • What does your app or service do
  • Who is your service for
  • Where are you located
  • How much does your product cost
  • Company milestones
  • How are you funded
  • Previous press coverage
  • Company Twitter handle
  • Company Facebook page
  • Startup logo
  • Startup video
  • Founder’s contact information

Familiarize yourself with the standard startup submission questions and write out the answers] on a Google Doc. There’s no need to answer the same question 100 times. Once you’re comfortable with the answers you may want to hire a virtual assistant to help you with startup submission process.

 Help me make this post even better!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everywhere you can get publicity and early users for your startup. You can find even more places to submit your startup here, here, and here.

If I’ve left out important websites for startups to submit their app for review, please add your favorites in the comments.

Thanks for reading

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