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Startup life can be pretty brutal, so it’s good when we can laugh at the life we’ve chosen. Below are a few videos I found which don’t take entrepreneurship as seriously as we often take ourselves.

Radimparency (U.S.A)

This could be the mother of all startup humor videos–a full frontal assault on startup jargon and meaningless buzzwords. The team from Vooza regularly lampoons startup culture, brogrammers and other artifacts of our time.

Man Of Steal (India)

This sarcastic tale speaks for itself. A plucky entrepreneur comes to pitch VCs on a social network for crooks. He says the maximum addressable universe is India’s entire economy, because they live in a nation of crooks. At first the VCs try to steal his idea, an unexpected twist.

Having lived in India for a year, I find this film bittersweet, mostly because I miss India.

Shit Lebanese Entrepreneurs Say (Lebanon)

It’s hard to believe that that “Shit So And So” video craze came and went barely more than a year ago.

I found this gem on an Egyptian friend’s Twitter feed. He gave a rough translation, which I will not be able to share with you, because I don’t remember it. Suffice it to say that while the dialog is in Arabic,  the sentiment is universal. It’s no fun being a bootstrapped entrepreneur, especially in a nation with little early-stage investment infrastructure.

Please help me make this post awesome. Share your favorite humorous startup video from around the world.

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