Starting A New Notebook

Notebook CC brenderous Starting A New NotebookEveryone has a work process. I use pen an paper to gather my thoughts. Each morning at my coffee shop I write a to-do list, and jot down other ideas and plans I have, as well as anything that comes into my mind. It works pretty well.

The notebooks I prefer are hard cover, spiral-bound, and made in Japan. That’s just me. Uni-ball free-flowing ink pens complete the mix.

From these notebooks I’ll transfer my thoughts into a Trello board, or I’ll create a shared Google Doc on my phone. Like I said, each person has his or her own process, and the notebook, and pen is the bedrock of my own.

Today I’ve reached the last page of a notebook I started on Sept. 9, 2013. I interviewed Chris Dancy–the world’s most quantified human being–and his observations were part of the wearable technology presentation I delivered in Singapore at the end of the month.

These notebooks are my archive of ideas, triumphs and dead ends. Long after I’m gone, they will serve as a legacy of my thought process, my creativity, and inspired moments.

I am excited about the day when I can look back at all the notebooks I used to brainstorm ideas, and see which ones came to life.

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