What Sore Knees Taught Me About The Power Of Simple Solutions

Icicle CC Jennifernish What Sore Knees Taught Me About The Power Of Simple Solutions

For two months I haven’t jogged, gone to yoga or done much exercise beyond long walks. It’s been killing me. My mood has been down, and it’s not as easy to focus.

My knees have been in constant pain, and–gross out alert–I had a fungus on my toes that made walking even more painful. I could have–and should have taken action sooner to remedy the situation. But I figured my body would heal itself when it was ready, and without medicine. Wrong.

After icing my knees once(!) they feel better than they have in months. I iced my knees again today, and I feel like a new person.

One week ago I was ready to give up my jogging routine and switch to swimming. Now I’m excited about the prospect of tackling some of San Francisco’s most fearsome hills (with better running shoes) while getting mentored by my favorite podcasters.

There’s no good reason why I didn’t heed the advice of my friends, one whom is a doctor. People told me I should ice my knees and take Ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflamatory painkiller. A bottle costs about $3. I had no reason not to try it. I just didn’t do it.

The tipping point came yesterday I was with a friend who told me what a difference icing his sore knees has made.  I figured I had nothing to lose. I feel relieved, but I also feel like I wasted a ton of time moping about because I didn’t follow simple advice.

I was ready to believe that I had caused permanent harm to my knees, and that it might require medical intervention. How fatalist.

But it was a good life lesson. The answers we need, and those that will make the biggest difference, are right in front of us.

I have a freezer full of ice, and filling a bag with ice takes 30 seconds. What sore knees do you have?

Often we’re willing to accept that the worst-case scenario is inevitable, while turning a blind eye to the easiest answers that will make the biggest difference. While I feel like a bit of a schmuck, I’m glad to remedied a problem that was slowly dragging me down, and I feel a renewed sense of freedom. While sore knees may be unique to my situation (or not), it’s refreshing to know that taking a tiny action can unlock a world of difference.

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