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startup PR tips from investor mark suster

Mark Suster’s Startup PR Advice: Start Now

One of the great things about living in San Francisco is that it attracts the best and brightest minds in the technology world. On any given day you never know who you’ll meet. Today was one such day, as I was fortunate to run into Upfront Ventures partner and technology pundit extraordinaire Mark Suster. On his [...]

The power of no

The Power Of No

In Greek mythology sirens were beautiful creatures whose enchanting songs lured sailors to their death when their ships wrecked on the rocky shore. Daily we’re seduced by ideas that sound great at first, but may leave us shipwrecked, unless we have the power to say no. Investor Marc Suster recently warned about the perils of [...]

targeted media exposure for your startup

How To Avoid “Bad Press” And Court Investors With Targeted Media

A skywriter appeared overhead today as we walked past San Francisco’s famous Painted Ladies. The plane towed a banner which read “Save money,”  along with the image of an insurance company’s well-known reptillian mascot. Thanks. I guess. Could there possibly be a less effective way to reach your audience? Maybe it’s because I’m not in the [...]

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness

How To Ask For Help

As an entrepreneur you probably feel like a failure if you have to ask for help. It’s not true. It’s actually a sign of strength. We can’t do everything well, and the point comes when we hit our limits. Asking for help is the acknowledgement that someone out there can do a better job, or [...]

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