Hello, And Welcome To New Readers (:

World Map CC Eric Fischer Hello, And Welcome To New Readers (:

It’s an exciting time here at PR Tips For Startups. Over the last 48 hours we’ve experienced a surge of international traffic, and hundreds of new visitors. Thank you for checking out our blog, listening to the podcast and for sharing PR Tips content with your friends. We love it.

PR Tips For Startups soft-launched on May 1, 2013, and today alone we’ve had visitors from more than 80 countries. We are so honored to be a part of your day. Thank you!

The idea for this blog was to create a resource for startups and entrepreneurs searching for actionable, do-it-yourself public relations and content marketing advice.The mission of PR Tips For Startups is to help entrepreneurs and innovators like you change the world. Our actions change the world in big and small ways.

Entrepreneurs are heroes. Entrepreneurs dream big dreams, embrace risk and wake up every morning to build a better life for us all. Along the way you are creating jobs, you’re sharing yourself with your community, and you’re giving the ultimate gift; the gift of hope.

If today is your first day visting the blog, below are some of our most popular posts and articles. They should give you a feeling of who we are, and what we’re about.

 My Biggest Startup Founder Mistakes

Wipeout CC jesman Hello, And Welcome To New Readers (:


You may have found out about the blog because of this post. Esther Dyson says, “Always make new mistakes.” It’s only a mistake if we don’t learn from the things we do wrong.

Read: The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made As Startup Founder

Five Places To Find Journalists Who Write About Startups

How To Find Journalists To Write About My Startup CC pasukaru76 Hello, And Welcome To New Readers (:

Getting publicity for your startup is hard, especially when you don’t know where to look. Here’s where to start.

Read: Five Places To Find Journalists Who Write About Startups

What Do Journalists Love? Data!

Stabilo CC plindberg Hello, And Welcome To New Readers (:


One of the best ways to get journalists to pay attention to your startup is to tell unique and powerful stories about the world from your company’s unique perspective.

Read: What Do Journalists Love? Data!

How can we help you help others?

PR Tips For Startups continues to grow and evolve. We’re creating a community where entrepreneurs educate and mentor each other. We want you to add you voice.

Please let me know how we can make your experience even better.

If you have a startup-related topic you want to see on the blog, please send us an email. We love getting questions and feedback.

Is there a podcast guest you would like to see featured on a future episode? Do tell!

Would like to contribute a guest post? Please, please, please! We would be thrilled!

PR Tips For Startups is for startup founders and entrepreneurs like you. Together we’re making the world a brighter, more-connected and more generous place. And it all starts with you. However we can help each other, we must.

Take the first step, and submit your comments or questions in the form below.


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