Public Relations is Whatever You Want it to Be

Public Relations Banksy BirdPublic relations is whatever you want it to be. No one owns it. The old guard have lost their hold on the hearts and minds of the public, and anything is possible.

Public relations is equally owned by today’s startups and small businesses who have the power to reach unlimited audiences, and share their stories in high fidelity. No journalist nor publication is needed. Your blog, YouTube page and Twitter feed  have the same power that once belonged only to CNN, The New York Times. Best of all they’re free.

Upstart media brands like Mashable, The Verge, and TechCrunch reach millions speaking to the passion of technology addicts and Internet pioneers. Every niche pursuit has a megaphone. Each day new media empires are born and legacy brands take one step closer to the grave.

In this new, and uncharted landscape public relations is a new and different animal. There are so many publics. So many desires. All want to be satisfied. All can. Now is the time to tell your story, as a business owner, a problem solver and as a human being. The eyes and ears are there.

While the frontiers of public relations are wide open, stories count more than ever. Content alone is not enough to satisfy. With so much information chasing so little attention, nothing short of excellence will be tolerated, shared and adopted.

Public Relations Banksy

Public relations is being disrupted, re-imagined and repurposed, but there is still a prominent place for knowledgeable veterans. Relationships matter. Strategy matters. Experience still matters. More than ever mentors can teach a new generation of storytellers about the craft, and prove once and for all that for all the change we see, nothing is really new.

Today’s public relations practitioners get to be instant experts, multitalented cross-platform communicators. At times it seems the future is moving at us 1,000 miles per hour. And perhaps it is. With the ever increasing speed of technological innovation, the next great disruption really is around the corner. Whether it’s 3D printing, nanotechnology, targeted genetics, cloud computing, or good ol’ fashioned SMS, the world we used to know is giving way to a new reality from one moment to the next.

Who wants to own the new public relations? Who wants to be the new face of business? The opportunity is before you. Go get it! Make it yours!

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