Three Public Relations Lessons Startups Can Learn From Yoga Instructors

Wanderlust In The City 2013 300x210 Three Public Relations Lessons Startups Can Learn From Yoga InstructorsPublic relations is about the power of communication.

No one knows this better than a yoga instructor.

Yoga is a terrific way for entrepreneurs to de-stress, rejuvenate and free up the mind to accept new ideas. Carving out time to care for the body is too important to be ignored.

But beyond the physical and emotional benefits yoga provides, it’s a great opportunity for small business owners to learn how to teach, and how to lead.

Yoga instructors guide students through a series of challenging physical maneuvers by mastering the right words. Entrepreneur must lead prospects to a buying decision by using words that emphasize benefits, and create an emotional state that leads to action. The outcomes are different, but the processes are the same.

Here are three ways small business owners can communicate like yoga instructors

Use affirmative language

Yoga practice creates relaxation and tranquility by focusing on breath.

A wise instructor starts class by saying, “I invite you to focus only on your breath.” A careless instructor says, “Forget about the noise aggravation outside.” Our minds go where they are led. It’s better to convey relaxation through positive language than dispel aggravation.

When relating to the public it’s imperative to lead the mind where you want it to go, not to conjure the places us it shouldn’t. As an entrepreneur remember to emphasize the benefits of your offer, and keep competitors and other negativity out of the conversation.

Images are powerful

Yoga instructors lead through images. The poses or “asanas“ of a yoga practice move the body through a series of familiar shapes:

  •  Downward facing dog
  • Boat pose
  • Chair pose
  • Airplane pose
  • Corpse pose

One scarcely has to think to imagine these shapes. The human mind can only contain so many thoughts, so draw upon the images that are already planted in the mind. Relate your product or idea to something familiar.

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Always be on the side of the customer

Your instructor is always on your side, even when you feel like you’re being punished. You chose to attend class, and you’ll be better off for having attened.

Remember when you’re negotiating a sale that we as humans always struggle with buying decisions. Making an important purchase can feel like assuming a difficult posture–even when we want something.

Objections and delays are a natural part of the process. Keep this in mind, and never lose sight of the fact you’re on the customer’s side, and you want her to benefit. You’re building a relationship, not just conducting a transaction.


Did you know a human breathes approximately 14,000 times per day? The practice of yoga is about focusing on one’s breath in order to achieve improved mental and physical well-being. Inspiration can come to us in a single breath, or an idea with the power to change history. Just a little perspective.

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