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becomes much slower than in the physiological state. The blood pressure

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for which we could find no apparent cause. In hope of

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eases due to degeneration of tissue peculiar to this time

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In a yoimg child where the tension and strain are not

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Typhoid fever admissions and deaths by camps Unjted States. See Camps.

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has taught us how to preserve the fragments of bone and

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Hamilton found in making extension for fracture of the shaft of the

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The symptoms of chronic sewer air poisoning are of two

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to the right and to the left of the umbilicus taken by

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the movements of breathing are for the most part confined

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The water supply was from the city of Macon. The source is the

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patient was catheterized during the first twenty four hours

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disease from one of his patients in the hospital. Not a

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could be gained to resort to such a procedure. Being

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repair can be made if sufficient time be allowed but the

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beneath the macula with myopia. The myopia gradually

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shorter time. I append the history of a few cases to

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was not possible to give even small quantities of tannin.

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for the sick occurring from the various ordinary causes in the camps

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seen December 5 1887. The patient has had defective vis

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appetite sluggish action of the liver and constipation

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der. Under the control of Dujardin Beaumetz Dr. Pou

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unsatisfactory for I have known persons who have lived in extremely mala

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recently have satisfied themselves with incising the dura

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but these applications seemed to have very little effect

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during natural sleep there is no consciousness or sensation

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sion in any man however scientific he may be who considers human

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ondary lobar pneumonia was 236.51 anel for secondary broncho

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for 1917. For the native troops the rate was slightly lower being

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capable in any degree of producing intra articular mo

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wound antiseptically until the abdominal cavity has been

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plays in the healthful maintenance of the skin as well as

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point was that the constitutional disturbance was the first

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bacteria to fever was suspected. The fault of medical

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Campbell has so unanswerably shown to banish the prac

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bathing in these waters so that now I always advise my


that we memorialize our Legislature to adopt a law like

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received in this office prior to the compiling of this report show that

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artificial abortion should not under any circumstances be induced but I

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when he had a malarial attack. Right eye squints and he

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and forms an admirable dressing. It is good practice to

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about the sixth day it became normal in quality and quantity. Fever also

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strictures of the ureUira and enlargements of the prostate

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water applied. Surface temperature felt normal but rectal

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lively by yelling murder repeatedly and by trying to

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breather. I removed several polypi dilated the nasal

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This opposes the idea of the smaller patches being embol

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interest in this subject which seems to have been neglected

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be observed and noted rather than a man of like passions

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ing threatened tuberculosis fibroid phthisis also does

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cow s milk is prepared for infants and finally in a large

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fistula was established below the obstructed point and in

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of this repeated failure of drugs and beheving surgiod

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my reflection convinces me that he who flavors his daily

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day move an address to Her Majesty the Queen praying

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time not returning to its normal amount for more than

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and a further consideration would be but a repetition of

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servation while showing cause for the changes in the skin

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ston likewise for Fort Sill and Camp Doniphan. This fact was

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the common mode of life. I believe that much more is to

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tablished in one week. Appetite and strength slowly re

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We tested the sight immediately after complete recovery

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The ovaries also gave evidences of extensive changes

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ing an ophthalmia. His experience with erythrophloeine

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structure is still while it lasts a pleasant feeling simply be

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lips kept apart by the fingers to prevent them from biting

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capillaries. ITie heart contained much fat in its muscle

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soon followed by albumin and casts uraemic or toxic

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of the recoveries the intermittent form less dangerous than

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some time so that their tissues were as they call it sat

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the sigmoid flexure in six and the caecum in nine the rest

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in the evening. At the time of examination he presented

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tongue clean and moist bowels moved daily naturally or by castor oil pulse

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moved freely patient slept soundly and is now rapidly con

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mometer indicates 80 or 90 F. for a moment or a few

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sufiferings with blighted hopes and ceaseless dread of

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of the patient. Summing up its various actions Dr. Mac

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and great fluctuations which account for its action in the

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being generally accepted there is little to cause alarm to

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and her position characteristic of an approaching parox

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condition worse and not alleviating a single symptom

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eldest daughter of Henry A. Wise. At the breaking out

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tance can be attached to any spots that are not typical

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many instances a confluent broncho pneumonia showed large single or multiple areas

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jected as it alone permits a cure in the cases where com

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plaster to the stomach. Made pills of sulphate quinine twenty grains

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the left and in the right. The child was timid pale

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ments became necessary for internal and ordinary respira

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with a typhic infection. The absence of fever seemed to

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this class of diseases. When the temperature falls cases

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