Killing The Monster Under The Bed

Monster Under The Bed CC Hafiz Basan Killing The Monster Under The BedTonight I put a soul-sucking monster in it’s place.

Under my bed I’ve allowed a pile of bills, credit card statements, and student loan reminders to grow into a physical mass of energy depletion. It’s gotten to the point where I get into a funk just walking into my room sometimes. This is doubly unfortunate because my room is where I work from my standing desk.

Although it required an investment of several hours this evening, I categorize everything and put it in file folders. It’s a start, yes, but an important one.

What was holding me back?

Quite frankly I was afraid of what I would see when I opened the dozen of envelopes, and faced the music. What we avoid or ignore can still harm us, but at least there is a feeling of choice when consciously go against our best interest.

Monsters aren’t real, but it’s an apt metaphor for the things we can’t see, and we can’t fear. Often what’s in our imagination is far worse than the reality that awaits. Our brains are capable of playing powerful tricks, and giving undeserved strength to our doubts.

There are  a few loose ends to tie up, but I’m in the process of creating a system that will prevent me from letting clutter suck up my energy and creativity as I’ve allowed it to do.

Do you have a monster under your bed, metaphorically or literally? The sum of our fears is often far worse than the product. If you’re avoiding a monster at home or at work, you may be able to gain the upper hand simply by calling out your fear, sizing it up, and launching the first charge.

I now have an according file with pounds of mail that had been assuming a power over my mental state which I gave it. Some day I hope to turn the letters, bills and the like into an art project or a data visualization. For now, though, just transforming the energy is enough. Monsters are nothing in the face of a little courage.

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