Look, I’m On Russian Startup TV! [VIDEO]

chikodi chima digit.ru  Look, Im On Russian Startup TV! [VIDEO]

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Hey, that’s me on Russian television! My deepest thanks go out to Katia and the team at Digit.Ru for choosing to feature me among such an accomplished group of entrepreneurs and startup investors.

Even if you don’t understand Russian you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I was speaking about public relations for startups, and how entrepreneurs can tell their story across channels at any stage in their life. Whether it’s using social media to share content, or engaging with readers directly on other blogs, the options are unlimited.

Russian startups in Silicon Valley

What didn’t make the final cut (at least I don’t think it did) were my observations about Russian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. If there’s one thing that stands out to me about Russian founders in Silicon, it’s that they’re truly hardcore. Russian startups don’t imitate, and they don’t make frivolous companies. Russian startups face the same odds as all founders, but they tackle enormous problems without fear.

The companies featured in the video are but a few examples of the immigrant-founded companies that make Silicon Valley such a dynamic and entrepreneurial nation. People who emigrate from their home country naturally have the entrepreneurial spirit, as Jessica Bruder recently pointed out in Inc.

America is an immigrant nation, and some of the most remarkable innovations are the product on foreign-born founders. Some you’ve probably heard of.

Foreign-born startup founders

Sergey Brin: Google (Russia)

Elon Musk: PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX (South Africa)

Vinod Khosla: Sun Microsystems (India)

Max Levchin: PayPal, Yelp, Slide, Glow  (Ukraine)

Alex Ljung: SoundCloud (Germany)

Brian Wong: Kiip (Canada)

Entrepreneurship is what make America great, and immigration keeps new ideas flowing to the market. My father and grandfather both immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria and Poland respectively. They made this country their home, and helped to make this land better with their blood sweat and tears.

In hone of their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of foreign-born and abroad startups everywhere, PR Tips For Startups will always be a home for you.

In the weeks and months that follow, I hope you will share your story with us, and let us know any way that we can help you in your journey. Distance is no longer a factor. Startups win when we help each other. Let’s make this world a better place together.

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