On July 4th Celebrate The Startup Revolution

July 4 CC Leewrightonflickr 300x300 On July 4th Celebrate The Startup Revolution July 4th is America’s birthday. Today I invite you to celebrate the celebrate the revolutionary spirit of startup culture, and the power of disruption.

July 4th is my favorite day of the year. More than my birthday. Seriously!

We gather together, grill and blow stuff up. What could possibly be better? I love the lights and the sounds of the fireworks, and the rumble in my belly when a big shell ignites. I also love the collective euphoria after a big, public fireworks display. And what could be a better representation of startup life?

Startups are about disruption and revolution. Startups are about being scrappy, inventive and embracing risk. Those principles transformed the 13 colonies into the United States, when the founding fathers of this nation finally grew tired of living under the oppression of the crown. You’re reading this because you’re a revolutionary, no matter whether you’re in Silicon Valley, New York, Lagos, Singapore, Bangalore, Jakarta, Paris or Vancouver.

Hopefully your startup was born because you too are a freedom fighter who finally grew tired of being oppressed by shoddy software, half-baked or underpowered devices and bad design. Filling a hole in the market is an act of rebellion, and it’s not easy to make people see the value of what you created. But you’re fighting the good fight.

And the wind is at your back. The switch to cloud-based technologies, smartphones and social media are some of the most disruptive and revolutionary forces I can point to in the world of startups. Low-cost, pay-as-you-go storage from Amazon Web Services, telephone infrastructure as a service from Twilio, and affordable smartphones are just a few of the forces disrupting the old order. Seize the momentum and leave your mark on the world!

I hope it makes your heart race when you look up to the sky, smell the gunpowder and hear the explosions. Those of us who will celebrate America’s revolution today, think about making the revolution your own, and how your startup can free hundreds, thousands or millions of people from arcane, inefficient and painful solutions of the past, and how you are creating a better future. Those of us who are abroad, and who share the revolutionary spirit, this is your day too! This is your fight!

¡Viva la revolución!

July 4 Fireworks CC semuthutan On July 4th Celebrate The Startup Revolution


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