The Journey Is The Reward

The Path Of Entrepreneurship CC Stuck In Customs The Journey Is The RewardThe road to success is long and perilous. Most of us won’t make it.

Few entrepreneurs of any substance made it on their first attempt, their second, or even their third. My uncle once told me, “Nothing easy is ever worth a damn.” The harder we fight, the sweeter the reward. The harder we work, the luckier we get.

But what about when luck doesn’t come? When we need it. Badly! What do we say to ourselves when the ship doesn’t come in and we’re there standing on the shore?

Enjoy the journey. We’re made better through our struggles.

Forged in the hot oven uncertainty, entrepreneurs don’t break under pressure. Be proud to have set foot on a road few dare to travel. The journey is yours. No one can take it from you.

We’re lied to constantly about overnight success. Even the companies that seem to come from nowhere have deep roots. Pinterest may be the new hot social network, honored as a share button on millions of websites beside Facebook and Twitter (and now LinkedIn). The company began development in December of 2009 and rose to prominence after being denounced by the Silicon Valley crowd. Founder Ben Silberman personally wrote to the first 5,000 users, and even visited some.

That is dedication.

We all have different levels of ambition. We share different goals, but a desire to do something big. Far too many entrepreneurs want to cash in, strike it rich and be remembered. I can’t condemn this out of hand. It’s a path that leads to disappointment for most. Unsexy startups can be just as meaningful as consumer-facing hotshots. Often more so. The slow build isn’t celebrated, toasted or remembered. Except by those brave and patient few who are willing to take the journey.

It’s a long, slow and difficult road. Many never see the finish line. For those that do, and those who don’t, today is all we have. The journey is the reward.

Journey Is The Reward The Journey Is The Reward



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