Now Growth Hacker Is Everyone’s Job

San Mother and Child CC CharlesFred Now Growth Hacker Is Everyones JobAfter a friend of mine left the startup he cofounded, he took a job as a consultant at a dev shop. “I’m looking forward to to just coding,” he told me.

It had been a nasty business divorce. The thought of following instructions, receiving a steady paycheck and working one project at a time to completion, must have seemed like a welcome change from the constant hassle of being CTO. But such opportunities are increasingly rare, and should be discouraged.  The days when an employee or team member has only one job are fast becoming a memory.

Today growth hacking is everyone’s job. While there are as many definitions for growth hacker as there are people talking about it, the growth of the company should be foremost in everyone’s minds.

Every member of an organization has permission to bring money into a business. Imagine you went to lunch and a Russian billionaire came to you and said he needed 100 of your widgets. Would you tell him that you can’t do it because you’re in PR/Comms? I doubt it.

There are at best a handful of people in any company who can spend money without prior authorization, such as the CEO, CFO or CTO. Everyone’s job is to keep the company alive, and growing. So in some regards, everyone’s job is that of the growth hacker. Our ancestors lived in hunter-gatherer bands, where labor was divided along gender lines. Men went out to hunt, while women did the important work of foraging the majority of the tribe’s calories, as well as raising and educating the children. If the women found an animal carcass, the men wouldn’t refuse to eat because they hadn’t killed the beast themselves. Similarly, if the men came home empty-handed, except for some fruits, the women would gladly accept their offering to ensure the group’s survival.

Whether you’re a developer, accounting, or a traditional growth role like sales and marketing, it benefits the organization when everyone is thinking about ways they can bring in new clients and grow the business.

We all have strong suits, but we don’t work in silos. When we feel comfortable sharing our ideas on how to grow revenue, expand user base and delight customers, everyone wins.

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