Gratitude CC Justin Balog GratitudeGratitude is contagious.

Be grateful for challenges big and small to which you can devote you life. Be grateful for the opportunity to create meaning, and not have to search for it. Be grateful for the struggle. And for the dance, with it’s highs and the lows. Only through them can we appreciate the truly beautiful moments.

When we are grateful we are even more blessed. Gratitude builds on itself, and cannot expire. We just have to let it out.

Be grateful for the wonderful people in your life. Be even more grateful for the people who can’t help but remind you why you love the folks you hold dear. That’s right. Be grateful for haters, too. They illuminate the path down which we should never walk.

Most of all be grateful for this gift of life, for puzzles to solve and dreams to build. The world is so full of beauty. Sometimes we have to stop and appreciate all that we’ve been given.

Give thanks.

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