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Get Outside Yourself CC CRASH candy 200x300 Get Outside YourselfThis morning I woke up and meditated. This afternoon I meditated again.

Mindfulness is a practice I am cultivating, and I’ve been off my stride for a while. I haven’t been to yoga for weeks, and my jogs have gone from almost daily to weekly.

As startup founders it’s easy to get caught in a rut. There are always fires to put out. Taking care of important matters often means neglecting the most important asset of all–our minds.

Because we’re so busy, or because we think we are, we get caught having the same thoughts over and over again, thinking that the same solution will solve a problem. But this isn’t the case.

The reason why exercise is so important to performing at our peak is because it forces us to get outside our minds, and to do something different.

And just as exercise helps us to flex our muscles, it’s vital to speak and interact with people who don’t do the same job as us.

I’ve been whipping out a ton of proposals for clients lately, and I’ve gotten non-tech, non-PR friends to look them over. This has been a huge help! Not only do I get a proofreader to spot any unintentional errors, but friends who work in the non-profit or education sector can add invaluable feedback before the finished product is sent away. “You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle,” says Bryan Eisenberg, author of ‘Waiting For Your Cat To Bark.” We’re so close to our problems, and spend so much time with them, that they become nearly impossible to see.

Whether you take a friend to lunch who does physical labor, or you just call your grandmother more often, it’s vital to get outside yourself to find meaningful answers to the issues that affect you and your business.

No one’s life is free of problems, but each industry and each trade has a unique way to get to a solution. The more broad you are, the more different types of people you spend time with, the more opportunities you have to learn problem-solving techniques that won’t come to you doing the same old thing.

Get outside yourself and find answers where you least expect them.

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