Friday Fun: For The Love Of Fail

Fail CC hans.gerwitz Friday Fun: For The Love Of Fail

This evening I tried the ultimate trust exercise. While jogging with a fellow startup founder along San Francisco’s Chrissy Field , we challenged ourselves to see if we could run with eyes closed.

“Follow my voice,” I would say in guidance.

“Move a little to your left,” he would instruct me.

Nothing requires more trust than running at night–in a crowd–without being able to see. It was fun and exhilarating.

And it was going quite well for a while, until we got our legs tangled, and my friend crashed to the ground. I felt terrible. I had failed.

It was a teachable moment. There’s still a lot of room for me to improve in communication and leadership skills. And at least we tried.

Why I love fail videos

I love fail videos for two reasons.

Sometimes watching people be genuinely foolish is the perfect antidote for stress. While the folks in the videos don’t value their life, I have something I’m hoping to accomplish. The risks I take are more calculated, and less likely to result in bodily harm or dismemberment.

The real reason  I like fail videos is because they show people who are trying to be epic, and just don’t quite get it right. Go big or go home.

While you certainly don’t need my help finding fail videos on YouTube, here are a couple of my favorite fail compilations to help you relax and unwind.

Epic Fail Compilation

Epic Win Compilation

Vine Fail Compilation

And if you should happen to watch both the Epic Win and Epic Fail compilations, you’ll see that sometimes a win and a fail are one in the same. People putting it on the line is awesome!

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