Fight QuizUp And You Will Lose

Call me contrarian. I don’t like app fads.

You won’t find me on SnapChat, and I was late to Words With Friends. Don’t even ask me about Candy Crush Saga. I refuse.

QuizUp is different. Released just last week, QuizUp is the ultimate addictive mobile app.

There are great public relations and growth hacking lessons to be learned from QuizUp, too.

QuizUp allows used to challenge friends and strangers to compete in seven-question trivia matches on topics such as Vampires, logos, snacks, general knowledge

Asynchronous gameplay in QuizUp allows you to challenge a friend who can play at his or her leisure. Your answers and response times are stored, so your opponent experiences each quiz as though you were competing live. It’s all super slick!

Jason Calcanis recently interviewed QuizUp creator Thor Fridriksson, who says the game was under development for more than two years. It shows.

The UX displays all the hallmarks of leading edge design, the real magic is the habit-formation engineered into the gameplay.

Suspenseful music plays during each contest, contestants level-up slowly, and increased gameplay is rewarded with badges and new titles.

The game is free for now. With $2 million from Sequoia Capital and others, QuizUp aims to be much more than a fad.

Every aspect of the gameplay is being measured, which could unearth all sorts of monetization options down the line.

I can’t say whether the timing of the game’s release was meant to coincide with Thanksgiving, but it would make sense. Thanksgiving brings together families for a once-a-year social experience. QuizUp is a game that fosters competition, conversation, and pushes all the right buttons. Getting families to play one another is yet another way to growth-hack massive user adoption.

The public relations lesson from QuizUp is that users will be your greatest ambassadors when when they delight in your product. QuizUp may not be a “change-the-world” tool so much as it shows how our world has changed. We need fun in our lives. QuizUp brings people together, and it’s bound to lead to marriage proposals and other remarkable stories that were the Hallmark of Words With Friends two years ago. The train has just left the station.

So consider yourself warned. Fight QuizUp and you will lose.

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