Why Entrepreneurs Change The World

Earth CC Dreaming in the Deep South Why Entrepreneurs Change The World

Seen from space our beautiful planet seems timeless, fragile and immovable. This leaves startups with a bit of a public relations problem.

It seems everyone who becomes an entrepreneur wants to change the world. Some wouldn’t mind if they become billionaires in the process.

Entrepreneurs are powerful change agents. The profit motive is the strongest incentive to challenge the status quo. We’re in it for personal gain, but we can still do a lot for a lot of people while getting what we want.

At the same time, most businesses fail. There are a variety of reasons why startups fail, but in failing, founders fall far short of their mission to dent the Universe. Should entrepreneurs temper their expectations, or keep sounding like crazy people? It’s often the wild-eyed dreamers who create the most impact, but we don’t know until they’ve left their mark. Up until that point, they just aspirants like everyone else in the game.

But  changing the world doesn’t have to be a “boil the ocean” task. Facebook single-handedly changed the way more than one billion humans communicate. On balance we’re better off and worse off for it. Entrepreneurs who do something exceptionally well change the world people who are affected. And this should be more than enough. Thinking small and delivering 100 percent is enough to change the world for a handful of people. In this life, that’s a lot.


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