Productivity: Three Email Hacks To Use Today

Email is the lifeblood of any online business. But it has equal power to strangle you. Mastering email is one of the easiest ways to be more productive entrepreneur and to carve out time to spend with family, friends, and other living creatures.

Productivity trainer Jason Womack shares three great tips for making email the productivity tool it was meant to be:

Create a followup system using BCC’s + Filters: Don’t lose track of whom you’ve emailed. Send yourself a second copy of important emails as a blind carbon copy (BCC), and set up a folder for emails that require further action.

Turn your email “signature” into a helpful template: When Womack realized he was asked the same questions frequently, he decided to turn a comprehensive response into a helpful answer that could be shared many times. Keep track of your FAQs to save yourself time, and be even more informative in the future.

Write the subject line last–starting with a verb: Many important emails request action on the part of the recipient. After compiling an email, Womack says he politely indicates what needs to be done, which is spelled out in more detail in the email body.

Do you have a favorite email hack to share with other entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments section!

Via: Entrepreneur

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