Dataset Clothing Wins With Instagram Video Marketing

Dataset Clothing Logo Dataset Clothing Wins With Instagram Video Marketing

The future of business communication is owning a single channel.

Dataset Clothing has clearly found a winner with Instagram. The San Diego-based lifestyle brand makes t-shirts, hats and apparel for DJ’s, beat makers, and people who enjoy cutting edge electronic music. Their tagline is “Wearable systems for audio performance,” and it’s not hard to see how their a perfect fit for a visual medium like Instagram.

Check out how they run things using Instagram video as an advertising platform.

Your channel might be LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. While some advocate that you should be everywhere–conferences, blogs, podcasts, social media, webinars and the whole nine yards–you only need to be everywhere your core audience is. If your message rings true on one platform, your advocates will carry you and your brand to the far corners of the world.

By choosing a single channel you’re able to experiment, test and be creative. Hopefully you can have a little fun, too.

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