How To Start Telling Stories With Data Today

Dataviz CC jm escalante How To Start Telling Stories With Data TodayIt’s time you had a chat with your data. While investors and advisors want you to listen to the data, I’m hear to say that you should let them speak.

The future of business communication is telling great stories with your data. Your startup is probably sitting on mounds of platform data.

Buried within it are stories to last a lifetime. Journalists love data. If you’ve been neglecting your data, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful PR weapons in the startup war chest.

Data has a life and a voice all it’s own. Your job as storyteller in chief is to communicate the importance of your data to your ideal customer. This shouldn’t be hard.

No one should know your industry better than you. Knowing your unique selling proposition relative to other industry players is critical to carving out your niche. The trends, market fluctuations and innovations within your market leave streams of data exhaust. Make sense of these data, make them relevant and make them beautiful. You’ll have a captive audience.

There are free tools and online data visualization tutorials that can get you started.

If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house designer, visualizing data is a task too important to ignore. If the visual aspects of your company are being handled by contract UI/UX designers, think about engaging an artist from or 99 Designs to help you create data visualizations.

Whatever you do, get to know your data, put them front and center and make sure their voice rings out loud and clear.

Learn how your story can change the world

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