Data And The Dirty Deed: How Eat24 Hacked Its Online Ads

eat24 horny food Data And The Dirty Deed: How Eat24 Hacked Its Online Ads

Today’s post is a quickie. I promise it will leave you satisfied.

Want to cut down on you advertising CPM by 90 percent while spiking new user traffic. We all do. Turns out there are better, cheaper and more fun ways to advertise online than the giants of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Food delivery startup Eat24 recently published it’s case study on how to beat the major ad networks and massively grow their install base–by advertising next to adult content. You read that right.

I want to keep this site family-friendly, but the process and data analytics is too genius not to share–especially for you startups looking for an edge in your online marketing. The case study is also one of the pithiest and most insightful examples of quantitative analysis I’ve ever encountered. Despite its saucy topic, the science it sound.

Read how startup Eat24, used the adult video ad distribution networks to hack their marketing.

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