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Everything You Do Is Content Marketing CC trace elliot Everything You Do Is Content

If you’ve ever worried about when to start content marketing for your business, the barriers have never been lower.

Yahoo showed the world the power of content marketing last week when it’s Q2 earnings call was presented as a live video, CEO Marisa Mayer uploaded behind-the-scenes photos to Tumblr, and the event was live-tweeted. The tweets even followed SEC safe harbor guidelines,  according to The Wall Street Journal.

The move was sophisticated in its simplicity. Few people outside of journalists are likely to consume all of the earnings call content, but each shard speaks to a different community in it’s language.

But you don’t have to be a mammoth Internet company to get serious mileage out of lean content marketing.

People are always hungry for stories. This is the power of content.

Everything you do is content

We live in an era where customers expect the CEO to be the face of the product or service they buy. As a founder this means your life’s journey is the journey of the product from idea to market. Your struggles and triumphs are those of the company. Nothing could be more engaging.

Today brand marketing and advertising are  less important than the genuine human connection that can be created online.

Your customers are fans. Your customers are your community. They want to know the real you. Give it to them.

Genuine is better than professional

There’s a time and a place to invest in professional content marketing. As a startup its more important to be real, and responsive than polished.

When you’re starting up you can engage in many forms of content marketing that are free, spontaneous and can still be powerful.

It’s the CEO’s job to write the firts 1,000 signups, Rob Fitz writes on Startup Toolkit. Responding to early customers with a sincere note is a form of content marketing. Updating your company blog is a must, and it counts as content marketing.

Even sharing pictures of yourself coding with your team, or in the parking lot outside investor meetings is a great way to prove to your loved ones you’re still alive, and engage in low-cost content marketing.

My friends at SkyCatch are masters of early-stage startup content marketing. They use their Instagram account and with aplomb to document the progress of their drones business at every step.

Behind-the-scenes snapshots are tantalizing

Before entrepreneur and Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose launched Oink, he used to tease the Web with blurry video of team whiteboards uploaded to his YouTube account. If you squinted hard enough you could almost imagine seeing what in the world the Milk Studios team was cooking up. Knowing I would never learn anything important never stopped me from watching the next video

So many possibilities. Pick one.

A startup without a story is dead in the water. No one is going to tell your story if you don’t do it first.

There are so many avenues for authentic, spontaneous content marketing for your startup. You just need to pick one and go with it. Whether it’s quick blurbs to your blog, genuine conversations via Twitter, or impromptu photo shoots on Instagram, everything you do is content.

Learn how your story can change the world

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