“Start With The Why”: Content Marketing For Startups and Small Businesses

Content marketing is your investment in a relationship with your customers. Content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords in public relations and small business marketing today, and for good reason; humans crave stories to make sense of the world.

Smartphones, tablet computers and a proliferation of web-enabled devices give us more access than ever to the stories we desire. Telling your story as a small business and as a brand has never been easier, with the possibility of reaching a massive audience that grows daily. which is why content marketing is so attractive as a low-cost, measurable way to promote your brand.

As an experiment in content creation, we were recently we were joined by  Skyword agency marketing manager Ruben Sanchez, to talk about content marketing tips for small businesses and large brands alike. Skyword is an integrated platform that allows businesses and brands to hire content creators, track keywords important to their brand story, measure content performance, and organize the “choreography” of getting the right content in front of the right viewers at the right time.

Please note that the conversation starts at the 3:00′ mark due to  a few technical difficulties in the beginning.

In our conversation we spoke about about the following topics:

  • Content marketing for lead generation
  • Examples of companies doing a great job with their content marketing
  • The future of content marketing for small businesses
  • Challenges of effectively using content marketing in your small business


How to use content marketing for your small business

For small businesses Ruben says that content should, “Start with the why.” Tell the story of why you went into business, and why you do what you do. Today’s empowered consumers have already done the vast majority of their research on the products or services they want to buy before they reach the provider’s website. Content can help reinforce the reasons why they should purchase from you.

How brands can leverage content marketing

Large brands and marketers should create content that answers every question your customer might have, and use content to drive prospects towards making their decision.

If you have more questions for Ruben about content marketing, or how you can use Skyword for your business, he can be reached on Twitter at CentralSQ.

Learn how your story can change the world

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