Chamath Palihapitiya On Wearable Tech And Building Something That Matters [Video]

Investor and startup visionary Chamath Palihapitiya recently sat down with Robert Scoble to discuss wearable technology, investment trends, and building companies that matter.

Of particular interest was the section on wearable health technologies that can predict days when asthma sufferers are likely to suffer from asthma attacks, as well as key-chain wearable devices with the ability to monitor and analyze the chemicals in your blood. Wearable technology is a booming field, and has the promise to revolutionize healthcare and wellness and preventive maintenance for all of humanity. It’s also a tough nut to crack for a number of reasons. But this shouldn’t stop entrepreneurs from going after a big challenge. It’s something there’s far too little of nowadays.

It’s a far-ranging discussion between two Silicon Valley brainiacs, but the passion and optimism is unmistakable. Chamath says that there are more than 1,200 photo sharing startups that have received more than $1 billion in institutional venture funding. Of those 1,000, only seven have gone on to a notable exit. There are many problems worth tackling, and far too few entrepreneurs are stepping up to make a real difference in the world. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with hosting or sharing photos. There’s just a lot more that we can and should be doing to create value.

Chamath was Facebook’s first growth hacker and helped the company reach its first 100 million users and beyond. His investment fund, Social + Capital Partnership (s23p), invests in companies that create positive change on a global scale. Chamath was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Canada, is one of the leaders of, a technology industry advocacy group pushing for comprehensive immigration reform.


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