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Learn To Tell The Difference Between Resiliency And Positive Thinking

  What follows is a couple lessons about resiliency from my own life. The difference between resiliency and positive thinking Saturday I was in Portland, OR, after spending Thanksgiving week with my family. I had to g an important meeting in San Francisco. OK, it was a date. But it wasn’t just any date. I [...]

Fight QuizUp And You Will Lose

Call me contrarian. I don’t like app fads. You won’t find me on SnapChat, and I was late to Words With Friends. Don’t even ask me about Candy Crush Saga. I refuse. QuizUp is different. Released just last week, QuizUp is the ultimate addictive mobile app. There are great public relations and growth hacking lessons [...]

mischief leads to entrepreneurship

Study Finds Misfits, Truants and Trouble-Makers Are Most Likely To Succeed As Entrepreneurs

Investor Paul Graham has always said he likes entrepreneurs who are a little bit naughty. New economic research published in the Wall Street Journal confirms what the Y Combinator founding partner, Hacker News creator and essayist nonpareil has known all along; Troubled teens become more successful entrepreneurs than those who color within the lines . [...]