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Hustle Is Not The Answer To Every Problem

There’s a running joke in the film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding;’ Windex has the power to heal everything. It’s a panacea that can be sprayed anywhere and problems vanish in a glittering instant.  We tend to treat hustle the same way. It’s convenient to think that if we spray enough hustle on our business [...]

Building A Startup Culture When You Work Alone

Entrepreneurship is a lonely pursuit on the best days. And it’s even more acute when you work alone. As a solopreneur I have clients scattered across the United States, and the globe. Meeting in person is not an option. As a summer intern at Google I got to experience the gold standard of company culture [...]

What Your Startup Can Learn From A Lemonade Stand

During my first visit to Brazil a friend told me the lemonade stand was the quintessential American icon. We’re natural entrepreneurs, he observed, and we start our kids on the path to small business ownership at a very early age. I’d never thought the lemonade stand was unique or special until then moment, but cold glass of [...]

Are We Afraid To Solve Problems That Matter?

The other night I found myself making polite but insincere conversation with a very nice young man creating an app for buying drinks at bars. His company wasn’t something I wanted to talk about, but he was a good person. Solving problems that aren’t problems Described  a particular way, it’s possible to see how a [...]

Singapore is the world's most successful startup

Six Startup Lessons You Can Learn From Singapore

Modern Singapore is arguably the world’s most successful startup. When Singapore declared independence from Malaysia in 1963 the tiny island nation was little more than a fishing village. During the past 60 years Singapore has matured into a business and financial juggernaut, Singapore Inc. While the city-state may be best known for strict rules and [...]

Singapore startups

I’m Heading To Singapore. What Should I See?

I will be in Singapore this week speaking at Techventure 2013. I will be delivering a talk on future trends in wearable technology couldn’t be more thrilled. Unfortunately I will miss the Formula 1 night races by one day, however the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. One of the things that most excites me about [...]

Three Reasons Hero Worship Is Toxic To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial hero worship is dangerous. Idolizing businessmen (and a few women) who’ve made it big is an unavoidable consequence of a culture that elevates succesful people to supernatural heights. And yet we just as quickly glosses over–or ignore–failure. It’s all too human. From the Ramayana to the Dotcom Bubble, human history is littered with stories of [...]