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Dave McClure is Right, Silicon Valley Sucks At Markteting

Legendary angel investor Dave McClure set off another firestorm this week when he said that startups are “functionally illiterate at marketing.” Sadly he’s right. There are a lot of brilliant people in the Valley, most of whom don’t know the first thing about public relations and marketing. Silicon Valley is Hollywood for Geeks, Wall Street [...]

Always Keep Them Guessing

Public relations masters like Steve Jobs had a lot of tools up their sleeve. Most were not high tech. The element of surprise is one of the most powerful, underrated and time-tested methods of grabbing and holding the attention of your audience. Tease us with clues and we’ll stand in line for hours to see [...]

What Do Journalists Love? Data!

Incentivibe founder Adeel V. recently asked me,  ”What types of content can you pitch to journalists and the media that they love to cover?” Many people probably have the same question about public relations, so I figured I could turn the answer into a blog post. Adeel, I’ll give a short answer and a long answer: Your [...]

Breath of The Hunter

You know it when you smell it; the breath of the hunter. Startup CEO’s get it from time to time, and it’s an odor that’s difficult to be near. From a public relations standpoint, breath of the hunter can be a deal breaker. When you’re dealing with the public it’s imperative that you be as [...]