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Watch Me On The Microsoft BizSpark Show

Look for me tomorrow on the Microsoft BizSpark Show tomorrow at 3PM Pacific, apearring with Ndubusi Ekekwe and SpellAfrica founder Elvis Austins. Along with host Douglas Crets We’ll be speaking about education, innovation and opportunities for technology to transform life across Africa.  Elvis will be Skyping in from Benin City, Nigeria. Isn’t technology cool? And if you’re in [...]

targeted media exposure for your startup

How To Avoid “Bad Press” And Court Investors With Targeted Media

A skywriter appeared overhead today as we walked past San Francisco’s famous Painted Ladies. The plane towed a banner which read “Save money,”  along with the image of an insurance company’s well-known reptillian mascot. Thanks. I guess. Could there possibly be a less effective way to reach your audience? Maybe it’s because I’m not in the [...]

a little controversy is good for public relations

Three Ways To Stir Up Controversy Without Getting Burned

Budget carrier Ryanair has a reputation for grabbing headlines worldwide due to outlandish cost-cutting antics of CEO Michael O’Leary. Ryanair caused quite a stir when O’Leary proposed to equip planes with only one toilet, and charge passengers to access the facilities. Would they actually charge people to use the loo? While it’s permissible under the [...]

Help Us Help You

Startups win when we help each other. Here’s your chance to make a difference. From time to time we like to check in with readers of the blog to see what ways we can better serve your needs. How can we improve the experience for you and members of our community? Please send an email [...]

How Early Should You Begin The PR Process For Your Startup

When Is Too Early For Startups To Begin The PR Process?

Don’t make the mistake of launching your business without considering your startup public relations strategy. Despite what people say, It’s never too early to begin the startup public relations process. Even with just an idea, the sooner you engage in public relations, the sooner you’ll be able to verify if you’re on the right track. [...]

Choose Your Enemies Wisely

Creating controversy is the single faster way to get your startup on the map. While you should always strive to create lasting value, it’s a much longer road to recognition. CEO Aaron Levie is my favorite example of an entrepreneur who uses emnity to drive sales. Since it’s inception has had an intense [...]

Soylent And The Case For Cause Marketing

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Soylent founder Rob Rinehart wants to end world hunger. In the process he’s served up a steaming plate of controversy, pitting foodies, nutritionists and poverty eradication advocates against one another. Intentionally or not, he’s hit on the perfect recipe for viral PR. Soylent is [...]