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What's with all the crazy startup names?

Does Your Weird Startup Name Damage Your Public Relations Potential?

Great company names are hard to find. Or are they? Among the startup mistakes I’ve made was wasting too much time with my co-founder trying to come up with the perfect company name. Either the name wasn’t descriptive enough, or a good, short name was already taken. We went back and forth for days. In [...]

Small Business Public Relations

PR Tips Podcast 004: What Is Public Relations With Erica Lee

 On this episode of the podcast we answer the question, “What is public relations” with Erica Lee the founder of StrategicLee. Erica is a 20-year veteran of marketing and PR, and StrategicLee is a boutique San Francisco-based public relations consultancy whose focus is “fast-growth” stages for startups and enterprise technology clients. Erica and her team are [...]

How To Tell The Difference Between Public Relations and Marketing Jobs

What Is The Difference Between Public Relations And Marketing?

Public relations is different from marketing. Sometimes it isn’t. Public relations jobs aren’t advertising jobs, but sometimes they are. Confused? I’m often asked the difference between public relations and marketing, so I wanted to answer the question for myself as much as for anyone else. At the end of the day public relations, marketing and [...]

Always Keep Them Guessing

Public relations masters like Steve Jobs had a lot of tools up their sleeve. Most were not high tech. The element of surprise is one of the most powerful, underrated and time-tested methods of grabbing and holding the attention of your audience. Tease us with clues and we’ll stand in line for hours to see [...]

What Do Journalists Love? Data!

Incentivibe founder Adeel V. recently asked me,  ”What types of content can you pitch to journalists and the media that they love to cover?” Many people probably have the same question about public relations, so I figured I could turn the answer into a blog post. Adeel, I’ll give a short answer and a long answer: Your [...]