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Kanye West Hypnotized Himself to become a success long before the world made it so

Kanye West And The Power Of Self-Hypnosis

Kanye West is many things; humble is not one of them. Kanye West is an inspiration to me and entrepreneurs everywhere because he took the fast-track to success. Kanye West hypnotized himself to believe he was a success long before it happened. Success is a matter of belief. There are wildly successful people who are [...]

Where to look for answers

Get Outside Yourself

This morning I woke up and meditated. This afternoon I meditated again. Mindfulness is a practice I am cultivating, and I’ve been off my stride for a while. I haven’t been to yoga for weeks, and my jogs have gone from almost daily to weekly. As startup founders it’s easy to get caught in a [...]

Two Days In Palo Alto

My grandfather died one year ago today. He was my hero. I was riding the Caltrain to my office job in Palo Alto when I got the news. And when I got to the office I was fired.  This was no surprise. I had seen the termination coming almost since the day I started. And [...]