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10 Reasons Why I Write

I write because I have something to say. When I share it people read and interact. I write because I’m a storyteller. When I was a teenager I wanted to direct music videos. Words paint pictures and tell complete stories on their own. I write because I love to help people. When I put my [...]

Killing The Monster Under The Bed

Tonight I put a soul-sucking monster in it’s place. Under my bed I’ve allowed a pile of bills, credit card statements, and student loan reminders to grow into a physical mass of energy depletion. It’s gotten to the point where I get into a funk just walking into my room sometimes. This is doubly unfortunate [...]

YAK Films X Sciame Is The Future Of Business Communication

When was the last time an advertisement made you smile? Can you remember the last time you willingly shared a company’s marketing? The latest collaborating between YAK Films and New York construction company Sciame is one such example. Released in time for the New York Architecture & Design Film Festival, the video brings together three of my [...]