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Madden s Resorts that the electrical condition of the
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ration remains the same. Bathing calms the patient and calm slumber
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as Eichhorst pretenck because no diuretic or sudorific
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currents without reference to quantity or intensity and
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has taught us how to preserve the fragments of bone and
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did not long preserve their vimlence in muscular tissue
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down Avith an antiseptic solution and all indoor assemblies prohibited. Clothing of
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testines are at once cleared out with calomel given in
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growth defective alimentation is a potent etiological factor
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A numbpr of colored troops served at this camp after the month
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later. The revival of the use of the forceps the pro
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Professor Kisch of Prague who is resident physician
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that exercised by the conventionalities which govern our
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sanatorimn at Falkenstein accessible to all purses. In
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a slow but uninterrupted convalescence though he was
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surface the physician ordinarily pays little heed to the
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The paper was based upon an experimental study of the
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being of a no inconsiderable fraction of humanity. He
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ment of the same character of signal for testing as is used
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reported as complicated with broncho and lobar pneumonia. It was
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describes a case in which the nerve underwent atrophy.
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Mexico Missouri Iowa and Oklahoma. A few were sent from
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operation of kolpo uretero cystotomy the bladder must
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worse pulse feeble and about 125 not much heat listless but sen.sible
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cised. Horsley claims that marked protrusion of the
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according to the intensity of the poison. Before taking charge of this case
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micide should be at once used he preferred acid car
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who are otherwise normally constituted second children
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little over 1 000 men were received from the State of Tennessee. The
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patients from suffering it is true and generally arrest the disease
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plete rdaxation of the facial muscle. With this condition I thought death
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child had had one movement of the bowels in the morn
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that he was free from nervousness. He told me that up
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siderations are cleansing and draining the upper cavity of
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wounds 648 were lost at sea 4 329 were from ordinary accidents.
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pearing forgetful taking the wrong street dropping things
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during September. During this month and in October approx
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cians of this city especially by the late Dr. Beard.
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cases with favorable results and he could not see any
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page of the bowel was not regarded as the most essential
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end of a paroxysm of pain in the ureter and kidney
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There were no other symptoms and there had been no pre
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inal viscera I have failed to find it and cannot compre
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sued from increasing haemoptysis. At the post mortem
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means become cleaner and generally more healthy and
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small intestine opened. Faeces per anum in five days.
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distended by faeces collected below the fistula and above
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the lesser of two evils. Extensive suppurative inflamma
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Table 346. Infliunza mth hroncho pneumonia Admissions and deaths 1918 En
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better devised for forming contracted chests and round
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United States admissions and deaths discharges and days lost 1006
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bowels also suggested chlorate potash and to increase the quantity of
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cussion. Bronchial respiration was heard over the dull
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three weeks previously he had the nail of the little finger
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mitted for years without any perceptible benefit Before
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American troops in other countries enlisted men Continued.
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accompanied by paroxysmal albuminuria and haematuria.
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diately after the operation as soon as sufficiently re
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after being treated with chlorine was allowed to flow into the river.
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and shoulders from the table the hands may rest on the
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only in the outer fibroid area showing he thinks that the
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I DO not present these cases as embodying anything new
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There was no longer any dulness and vocal fremitus was
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with a frequently recurring congestion giving rise to pro
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by the pressure of the child against the sides of the bony
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besides plain alcohol ether petroleum benzine and va
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spects rather cranky. In America even assistants are
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in such patients red and swollen. Can we entertain any
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a considerable number from Indiana Mississippi North Dakota
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by numerous bacteriological examinations at the base hospital
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careful study under the high powers of the microscope
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discharges deaths and days lost are charged to the month in vhich
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the latter should always be supplemented by a bacterio
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were concurrent if the tumor gave signs of irritation the
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brane separating the finger from the foetal head the pos
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typhoid and also the mouth and tongue will clear up the
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of temperament may be preserved throughout the attack.
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There has arisen in New York City and State a divi
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Motion between two contiguous surfaces implies fric
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either for support or locomotion becomes a positive ca
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disappear wholly or in part. But we often meet with
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found was a large amount of pharyngeal glandular tissue
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that a general hemorrhage occurred from its surface after
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lated according to the indications. The withdrawal of
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cerebro spinal nerve centre being excited stronger nervous
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memory and imitation are evolved. The paper also con
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leaving one end long. A drainage tube was inserted to
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Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United
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venereal disease among the white soldiers from the South than from
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forming it on account of the results that might occur.
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they were found generally infected with the parasite and
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think it should be allowed to do so. I have seen two
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January 7 th 1888. Has tabetic gait and entire absence
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for the whites for chancroidal infection 2.89 for colored and OM
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proper food or not at least unless its temperature has
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seven times as high for the colored as for the whites. In considering
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abortion existed according to the whole number of re
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reached by this fluid. It is this fluid that prevents
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siderable aid from the abler members of the veterinary
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train of typical symptoms. In this case also there was
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etc. To prevent the breeding of mosquitoes drainage ditch es and
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practice to see more than a very few cases of which I
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physiological economy is so constructed that while it is
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more especially at this time when the question of the
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of 1917 causing 943 adnussions in December became extensively
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spots and the cultures remained sterile. In three of these
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peutics and not operated upon show less than twelve and a
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the introduction of parasites or germs into the blood. In
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great care must be observed in the beginning of the treat
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The wall of the vessel was thickened and partly calcified
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that results are not constant. I can only say that this
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mention the fact that die neck of the uterus which is so
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A CORRESPONDENT writes for information concerning the
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men were quarantined in a wired detention camp. Of these there were 94
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tion of phthisical sputa or of tubercle bacilli the injections
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example has recently celebrated our united state in the
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pipe did not know just how the accident happened but
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encouraging them in an idle and vicious life llie speaker
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the discussion was to show that oophorectomy was inno
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cases more frequently might be of great assistance in the
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high standard required of those aiming at getting the di