Bare Knuckle Entrepreneurship

20130905 231310 Bare Knuckle Entrepreneurship

Startup life is a full-contact sport. If you’re not taking lumps, you’re not playing a big enough game.

To win you will have to lose battles, struggle against almost-certain defeat, and find the strength to keep moving ahead.

We all have our own fighting style. Some win the day with finesse, charm and a little panache. Tina Roth Eisenberg, publisher of Swiss Miss, co-founder of Tattly, and the driving force behind Creative Mornings, fits into this category.

Yahoo is soaring on the wings of a buying spree lead by profligate CEO and new mom Marissa Mayer. Some people bring their army to battle with deep pockets, and a willingness to spend what it takes to achieve victory.

The full weight of the law can be used as a blunt tool to crush your enemies. Apple threw the book at Samsung, only to get stung by a price-fixing scheme with book publishers.

Amazon is like an inescapable ant colony. With patience and reach they starve competition out of existence. Whether it takes one year or 10, Jeff Bezos does not fear the clock.

Whether we set our sites on besting the competition, or we want to dominate the market, there is no standing still. What isn’t growing is dying. There’s no such thing as a fair fight. We bring certain strengths to battle, and we’re all hampered by different factors beyond our control.

Once you’ve identified your fighting style, celebrate it. You can’t change your stripes, but you can wear them with glory.

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