Big Changes Are Afoot

Construction CC World Bank Photo Collection Big Changes Are AfootYou may have noticed a few things are different around the blog. It’s an exciting time of growth and a time for experimentation.

Friday I announced that anyone who joins my mailing list will receive a hand-written thank you note delivered anywhere in the world.

We’ve already had a few takers, in Europe, and one on the East Coast of the U.S. I hope you’ll join our email list and request a letter of your own.

It’s hard to describe just how enjoyable it was to sit in my coffee shop and write to distant pen pals. The feeling of connection and community has always invigorated me. I’m a writer. And I love helping people, especially entrepreneurs.

Which brings me to the second change. Starting tomorrow I’m relaunching the PR Tips For Startups email list. I’ve been slacking, and it’s unforgivable. I’ve also been paying AWeber a lot for nothing. But that’s besides the point.

For all the news about SnapChat, email is still the killer app. I’m going to experiment with community-building through email, and I hope you’ll give your feedback, and let me know if you’re getting value.

Here’s what to expect.

Each day we’ll be sending out emails on a specific theme. I’ll get the ball rolling, and then I hope you’ll add your voice.

Look forward to:

Mindset Mondays — Mindhacks, success mantras and other mental exercizes to reach peak performance all week long.

Toolsday — The best new apps and productivity tools curated by our community of entrepreneurs to keep you on task, organized and learning.

Wellness Wednesday – Inspirational, rejuvenating content to keep mind and body fresh.

Community Spotlight Friday — Once per week we’ll feature a member of our community, their startup project, and their best PR and marketing tips.

Fun Friday – Funny, unusual and informative video and rich media about entrepreneurship, startup marketing and achieving your business goals.

Saturday News Roundpup — Seven of the week’s top news stories, blog posts and opinion pieces.

Community Support Sunday – Questions and discussion topics from the PR Tips For Startups community shared with other entrepreneurs.

I encourage you to participate in the discussion. Do you have a success mantra that fires you up? Is there a productivity tool or app you can’t stop talking about? Maybe there’s a TED Talk you wish more people would watch, because it changed your life. Now is your chance.

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  1. Nikhil November 18, 2013 at 2:27 am #

    That’s excellent! Looking forward to it chi!

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