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Stop Thinking Like A Startup

In my last company I was motivated by a desire to help people, but I didn’t think of it as a business. Until it was too late. I was thinking like a startup founder, not the owner of a business. Enough pivots and we would find traction where others had failed. We were special. These [...]

Don’t Freak Out When People Like Your Startup Concept

The scariest part of validating my business was not fighting skeptics. That I could handle. I freaked when people told me my idea made sense. That’s not what you’re supposed to hear. Is it? “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win,” is the Ghandi mantra by which many entrepreneurs [...]

Building A Startup Culture When You Work Alone

Entrepreneurship is a lonely pursuit on the best days. And it’s even more acute when you work alone. As a solopreneur I have clients scattered across the United States, and the globe. Meeting in person is not an option. As a summer intern at Google I got to experience the gold standard of company culture [...]

How My Startup Mentor Taught Me To Think Like a Caterer

My startup mentor owns a restaurant. It’s small, with nine tables. When we first met he was working behind a burger stand at a Sunday farmer’s market. In three years he has opened two restaurants, sold one, and this year his catering business generated $1 million in revenue, he says. Next year he says he’s on [...]

Why You Probably Won’t Get Rich When Your Startup Is Acquired

  Before you leave your job to join a startup, consider this cautionary tale from a company that many would say “won” the startup game. The first Bay Area startup to hire me was acquired last week. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company launched with plaudits aplenty, no business model and [...]

Four Reasons Why Rappers Are Like Startup Founders

Your favorite rapper has a lot in common with your favorite startup. Both came from nothing. Both achieved a status greater than the sum of their hits. A rapper’s MVP is his demo tape, or a SoundCloud page with hits recorded in a basement. From there the sky’s the limit. Started from the bottom now [...]

Startup mistakes

The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made As Startup Founder

This post is part of a Startup Edition series on mistakes made When I dissolved my startup it triggered one of the most euphoric feelings I’ve ever experienced. The lock popped on a trap I created for myself, and I was filled with an instant urge to start something new and better. So much of [...]

10 Reasons Why I Write

I write because I have something to say. When I share it people read and interact. I write because I’m a storyteller. When I was a teenager I wanted to direct music videos. Words paint pictures and tell complete stories on their own. I write because I love to help people. When I put my [...]

The Three Tools Of An Instant Expert

To become a master takes time, but it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Unsurprisingly there are many opinions about what it means to be an expert. My friend Ben Kaplan says that to be an expert you only need three datapoints. Can you prove you’ve done something three times succesfully? Congratulations, you’re an expert! This blog post [...]

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